Red Elephant Farms
Pembroke Welsh Corgis
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Red Elephant Farms Gallery- Some of our previous litters. 

Bacon: Jersey & Razzel's 
Maya: Piper and Razzel 
Watson- Ella  & Razzel 
Maggie:Piper & Razzel 
Maggie and Ikon's 
Captain Chubs: Jersey & Razzel 
Owen: Jersey & Razzel's 
Lindey: Ella & Razzel's 
Ella and Ikon puppy
Mazi: Teilei & Razzel's 
Triscuit: Pistol  & Razzel's 
Ophelia- Kelee & Baxter
Bentley- Ella & Razzel
P2- Pistol & Razzel
Xander- Maggie & Ikons
Mia- Ella & Razzel's Puppy
Obie- Teilei & Razzel's
Dolly- Ella & Harry's Puppy
Ghibli- Piper and Razzel's 
Jack- Piper & Razzel
Asher- Jersey & Razzel
Maggie and Eli's Pup
Ikon and Maggie's 
Ellie- Eli & Maggie