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Pembroke Welsh Corgis
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Red Elephant Farms 

We are committed to helping you with your puppy care. Here are a few tips on getting your new puppy. 
1) Make sure you have time for your new puppy
2) Make sure your puppy has a safe place to be. Example: like a crate or pen. (if you work)
3) Make sure you puppy has clean freshwater at all times.
4) If your puppy goes outside, make sure he is in a controlled environment until he gets used to you and his surroundings.
5) Make sure you give him/her plenty to eat (Puppy Food) we suggest 2 x's a day for better digestion. ( Table food is not suggested for your puppy)
6) Make sure if you walk you puppy on a leash, you have the correct size collar for him/her.
7) Be sure to take your puppy out a lot to start. They have small puppy bladders so they will need to go out a lot to start. ( Usually ever 3-4 hours)
8) Be sure to make it safe for your puppy by picking things up so he/she does not chew them up and get sick.
9) Keep small puppy treats on hand to reward good behavior. Puppies learn just by positive reinforcement. 
10) Enjoy your puppy and he/she will bring you lots of enjoyment for many years.

Puppies are sold on a first come first serve bases. To hold a puppy a $300.00 deposit is required. Balance is due at time of pick up. Deposit can be give by cash or check. When puppy is picked up to go to there new home balance is only accepted in CASH.
Red Elephant Farms
Rebecca Ramsey
Balling playing- Jersey(Tri), Maggie(Sable), Teilie ( Fawn) and Que (Red)
Winnie Annie and Que Exploring the pond. 
Sniffing around- Winnie, Maggie and Kelee